Monday, 15 October 2012

Double Quilt! (What does it meeeeean?)

It's been ages since my last post and that's partly because I am a massive procrastinator and partly because I spent months working on a double quilt to give to my friends as a wedding present. Whilst working on this quilt I worked my way through the entire six series of Lost and beyond- that is how long it took! I didn't even manage to finish it in time for the wedding, but that was OK because I was able to meet up with the happy couple upon their return from honeymoon at Blenheim Palace, have a champagne afternoon tea and give them their quilt in person, which was much more fun.

I think they were really pleased with it!

P.S. the ending of Lost is one of the most disappointing televisual events since The Simpsons went bad, don't bother wasting your life on it!

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