Friday, 30 March 2012

Boudhanath stupa

I really want to blog and post pictures to show what I've been working on recently. However, I plan to give this 'something' as a gift so cannot release its image into the public domain, owing to the very small chance that the recipients, or anyone for that matter, look at this blog!

So, here's something from my archive to curb my blog-craving. It's a picture of Buddhist stupa on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal. I visited Boudhnath stupa in October 2008 and drew this picture last year from a photo, using pastels. I should probably make it clear that the stupa does not hold a deep, mystical and/or spiritual significance for me (sorry Buddhists). The visit was pretty cursory and probably a bit of a tick-box moment on the itinerary. I think I just chose the picture because I was told to pick something for an art class I was taking and I thought this would be quite easy with all the white going on, it turned out it wasn't. It took me ages and I still wouldn't call it finished!

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