Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Rob, in art form.

As it’s his birthday, it seems like a reasonable time to dedicate a blog to Rob. 

I have made a few attempts to capture Rob’s likeness. They tend to focus on two of his main features:
1)      Prominent eye lids 
2)      His having the misfortune of always appearing to have feint moustache, even when he has shaved, and despite having facial hair in few other places.

In the beginning, I painted an egg Rob. He became known as ‘Eggbert’. Eggbert was created early on in our relationship before I had properly processed the constant moustache but after I’d known him long enough to see a few shaving mishaps.

The second attempt saw Rob transformed into a Meercat, using green pen on whiteboard. Sadly I cannot be bothered to find a picture of the whiteboard.

I then became aware that Rob’s mii character needed the eyelid and moustache treatment, so I went to work on that.

I sketched this last one when I was bored. He had no idea I was drawing him as he was busy writing a list (one of his favourite pastimes). Happy Birthday Rob!


  1. I have a ridiculous moustachey face. Thank you for drawing (attention to) it! :-D

  2. That is the most accurate mii I have EVER seen! Good work!